Mirto Apartments is situated 25 km from Volos Town . You can visit us:

Α. By car

When you enter the center of Volos you drive in the central road Iasonos, Polimeri. Just keep driving following that road and within 45 minutes you will find Afissos. After your exit from Volos you will pass, while driving in the same seaside road, little villages: Agria, Lechonia, Platanidia, Malaki, Gatzea,Kala Nera, Koropi, Afissos. 

Β. By Public Transport

a. By bus

Once you arrive to Volos Intercity Bus Station , from the same place, you can take the bus to Afissos. There are regular schedules during the day. Apartments Mirto are 5 minutes distance from the spot the bus leaves you in Afissos. 

b. By rail

You arrive by train at Volos Railway Station. From there, you can go by taxi or on foot to the Intercity Bus Station located at a distance of 1km. Buses depart regularly from the Bus Station to Afissos.  

c. By plane

a. From Nea Anchialos National Airport (www.volosairport.gr) you can go by bus or by taxi to Volos Intercity Bus Station and take from there the bus to Afissos. Moreover, in the airport there is the option of hiring a car.

b. Skiathos Airport (JSI), is 3 km from the town of Skiathos island . You can get to the port by taxi (costs about 6 €) . Skiathos has a ferry connection to Volos port by conventional ferry (2,5 hours), by highspeed ferry(1.45) and by flying dolphin(1.15) From there you can get by bus (Nu 9) or by taxi to the Intercity Bus Station ( m).

d. By taxi  

   Radio taxi of Volos

  • For cosmote and what' s up: 6970227777
  • For vodafone and cu: 6946277776
  • For wind and Q: 6930127777